Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Ask Me No Questions

The first person account of a family, illegally in our country from Bangledesh, as they deal with tighened immigration proceedures after 9/11. I felt two ways about this book and am anxious to hear what you all thought. First I thought it gave the reader an extremely good view into how life is for illegal immigrants- especially those from the middle east after 9/11. I have not come across many books that tackle this topic, an extremely important one. But, I have a feeling that in reality, life is much harder than how it was depicted in this novel. I think it would be an extremely valuable book for our students to read. So many of us, especially young people, take citizenship in our countryfor granted.

However, I wanted more from the characters- especially the two sisters- Nadira and Aisha. Did anyone else feel this way? I felt the author only took us so far then backed off. I loved Nadira's character- how she found her voice after being over shadowed by her older, smarter sister. I liked her a lot...and really felt a connection to her...found myself rooting for her. I also connected to Aisha and her struggles to get into college. But once again I felt myself wanting to know more about them...more about their struggles and pain. Anxious to hear what everyone thought!