Monday, August 06, 2007

Harry Potter...don't read me if you haven't finished yet!

Kathy (and anyone else who has finished Harry Potter...)
I thought this would be an appropriate place to talk about Harry Potter. :) I'll publish my comments so that you have to actually click on the blog to read about it...I don't want to ruin it for anyone still reading...


rebeccakryger said...

I thought this book was a great conclusion to the series. I was stumped when the doe patronus led Harry to the sword in the woods. For the life of me I could not figure out who could have done it. I'm glad there was some explanation to why Snape killed Dumbledore at the end of the last book. I was so disappointed with the way book 6 ended...I knew there had to be more to the situation. Snape was so convincing as a traitor in this book, yet I kept searching for some explanation as to Snape's position in the whole thing. I really like the way Rowlings pulled it all together. I felt so bad for Snape when we were able to see into the pensive...what a sad child he was! What did you think about the epilogue? I was talking to Dawn Dyminski (and Dawn can add in her thoughts) and we had different reactions. I thought it was nice to see how couples got together and were able to get past all of the tragedy they had faced, although I was hoping for some wiggle room for a possible follow-up/continuation series. :)

Kathy and anyone else, let me know your thoughts! I hope you don't mind me adding another "optional" book to the blog!

Dawn said...

I have to say that I will miss reading Harry Potter. I really enjoyed the books and looked forward to the new ones coming out every year.
I couldn't put book #7 down when they entered Hogwarts. I wanted to know what happened. I was on the edge of my seat wondering if Harry would live or die in the end. I thought a major character died in this book, which to me meant Harry, Ron or Hermionie. I was surprised and glad when they all lived in the end.
As Rebecca mentioned, I had a different reaction to the epilogue. Although I was happy to hear Ginny and Harry got married and had children, it was a bit to much for me to hear them name their children after the important adults in Harry's life. I know it is not unlikely because people do that all the time, but I think it was overkill for me on how we found out. What I wanted out of the epilogue was to find out who got married and to find out about what jobs they held. I also would have like to hear about what happened to the rest of the Weasley clan.
Overall, I am sad to see Harry Potter go, but I hope that JK Rowling has something else up her sleeve that will grasp my attention as much as Harry Potter did.

Kathy J. said...

I loved the book! I thought it was a great conclusion to the series. It satisfied all my questions. It couldn't have ended any better! Harry lived, Ron and Hermione together, Neville killed the snake, good wins out over evil!! There were parts I thought moved a bit slow...and I got frustrated with Ron, but I was so happy Snape turned out to be a good guy...but what a sad tale! I would have also liked to have seen the relationship between Harry and Ginny fleshed out a bit more.

I liked the epilogue. I wanted to know what happened to everyone, who married who this really satified my curiousity. I would have liked Harry to reach out more to Draco and his son. I thought that would have been a nice way to show they were overcoming the past. I agree with Dawn about the kids' names! A bit too maudlin. There was an article my husband found (I think from the NY Times) about the epilogue. It was from an interview with JK. In the article she goes beyond the epilogue and tells even more about what the characters end up doing. Apparently the original epilogue was much more detailed, she cut quite a bit this interview filled in the gaps. If I can find it online I will send it to you.

A part of me feels sad that it's over! At least we have the movie to look forward to. I think we should have a book discussion date when we get back to school...for students and staff. I went to Wegmans to buy the book at midnight and saw half of Brockport HS there to purchase it. The kids were so was great to see. I think we'd have a blast rehashing it. What do you think?


rebeccakryger said...

I think a book discussion is a great idea. I also went to get the book at midnight with my mom. We went first to Barnes and Noble in Greece, but the line was so long that we decided to go over to Latta Wegmans. There was a line there too, but we beat most of it and were able to secure our copies!! I am also sad to see the series come to an end. Dawn, I hope you are right and Rowling has another series already in the works!